The success of A & A Saw did not develop overnight but evolved over a decade. Through determination, hard work and extensive experience, Mr. Felix Vigil set upon a path to create a saw blade manufacturing and sharpening sales and service center. Although he worked in the manufacturing and sharpening industry for many years, it was his dream to establish his own successful business. And so, in 1995, Felix followed his vision, faithfully making it a reality when he opened the doors to A & A Saw, Inc. With only his sister to work out the finances by his side, working day and night, Felix gave his all towards making sure his dream would come true.

Even though Felix started very small, before long, many of the very experienced machinists he worked with from his earlier employment, chose to join him and his growing company. Each brought extensive knowledge in regard to the manufacturing and sharpening of saws and each provided the expertise that helped to establish the credibility of the company. Slowly but surely A & A Saw flourished, earning the respect of those in the West Coast community.

Today, faithful to the challenge of making it one of the most successful saw sales and service centers in the California region, the commitment to manufacturing excellence never waivers, as quality service and professionalism are at the heart of A & A Saw, Inc. The original vision that Felix Vigil had for his company became a reality, as A & A Saw has earned the distinction as a top competitor in the industry. Taking great pride in the family business, A & A Saw is devoted to providing only high quality service to its loyal customers.

Sadly, Felix Vigil passed away in 2006, but his son Tony and nephew Ryan continue to carry on the tradition of excellence, making sure to bring the same integrity and dynamic customer service that was so important to his dad. Having built a company from the ground up, A & A Saw maintains a distinguished reputation as a successful saw blade manufacturer and sharpening sales and service center.

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