Mitre Series

A & A Saw, Inc. is proud of the fact that it is one of the top competitors on the West Coast for manufacturing and sharpening high quality carbide Mitre Saw Blades, which are much sharper and longer lasting. Crafted from the finest material available in today's market, the precision of A & A Mitre Saw Blades makes them ideal for those in the picture frame cutting industry. Because the accurate cutting of molding is essential to the framing process, A & A Saw’s selection of frame cutting saws helps frame cutters reach their goals accurately and professionally.

For Plastic…Wood…Aluminum…Gesso!

The moldings cut by those in the picture frame industry are generally plastic, wood, aluminum and gesso. Great accuracy is critically important for this type of cutting therefore A & A Saw manufactures and sharpens blades to meet the needs of various types of applications. A & A Saw provides the quality and excellence of Mitre Saw Blades, carefully checking fence alignment, spindles and tape measure replacements on all Mitre Machines.

Our Customer’s Needs Always Come First!

In that our customer’s needs always come first, we never compromise the quality of our products nor do we overlook the importance of great customer service. When it comes to selling or servicing Mitre Saw Blades, A & A Saw will exchange factory authorized replacement parts on all Mitre Machines that are no longer working. And our professional staff is always prepared to assist with any Mitre needs or instructions.

For any questions, call A & A Saw at 1-818.765.8034 or e-mail at for a free consulting session and a price quote. Join in on the cutting edge and allow A & A Saw to be your source for sharpening your Carbide Tipped Saw Blades.

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