Welcome to A & A Saws: Where Quality is our Sharpest Point!

As your one stop source for Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, A & A Saw, Inc. not only supplies technologically advanced saws blades, but it also keeps its customers’ saws sharpened to perfection. Because we understand the needs of our customers, countless businesses have come to depend upon A & A Saw for their cutting edge equipment.

Our Procedure!

When a saw arrives in our shop, we first clean and polish the saw blades then check for any repairing. In addition, we check the tension of the plates, followed up by sharpening the face and top of the saw blades. Based on our methods, there is never any corrosion or burned material left on the saw. When the process is complete A & A Saw goes one step further, by dipping the carbide blade in a strippable protective coating that safeguards the carbide tips. Our procedure assures our customers that no damage occurs to the saw from the time it leaves our shop until it arrives in yours.

High Performance Machinery Complete with High Grit Diamond Wheels!

To make certain our customers receive well-sharpened saws, A & A Saw is set up with high performance machinery that always matches the right grit wheel for each application. Utilizing high grit diamond wheels for precision and overall maintenance, the effect of our high performance machinery means you get the best results when it comes to keeping your saws well sharpened.

Pick-Ups & Shipping

A & A Saw is available to pick up any saw throughout the Los Angeles County. For customers outside the area, saws can be shipped through UPS or FED-EX. The turn around time for shipping is usually between 1 to 3 days, depending upon the location.

For any questions, call A & A Saw at 1-818.765.8034 or e-mail at info@aasawinc.com for a free consulting session and a price quote. Why not join in on the cutting edge and allow A & A Saws to be your source for sharpening your Carbide Tipped Saw Blades.

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