Welcome to A & A Saws: Where Quality is our Sharpest Point!

A & A Saw carries a full line of industrial type saw blades, which is created and handled with precision and used by those in the woodworking industry. In that each saw has its own specifications, to ensure the sharpest cut and the longest life, every saw is specifically designed for each application. For durability, plates are tensioned for industrial strength and are made from laser cut or copper plugs to ensure stress free plates.

Every Saw is Crafted to Perfection!

Machinists with over ten years of experience operate each machine at A & A Saw, making sure every saw is crafted to perfection. Recognized by high quality carbide teeth, industrial saw blades last two to five times longer than other carbide saws. For woodworkers who wish to achieve a superior, smooth cut, A & As Industrial Saws provide a clean, smooth, burn-free cut.

Hollow Face Blades!

A & A Saw also manufactures Hollow Face Blades, which are designed for chipless, faster cutting. Specifically used when working with Melamine, Hollow Face Blades are often difficult to locate primarily because the front face of the tooth is hollow and requires a precise tooling for manufacturing and for sharpening. A & A Saws is one of the few manufacturers in the California area that manufactures Hollow Face Blades.

Best Tools for Any Construction or Project!

You can count on A & A Saw to provide you with the finest and best saw blades for any particular craft, construction or project, plus we offer custom saw blades designed to your specifications. Simply call, fax or email your specs and we will be sure to create the saw you require. Because A & A Saw is dedicated to the finest customer satisfaction we feel confident that once utilizing our services, you will be completely satisfied with our products.

For any questions, call A & A Saw at 1.818.765.8034 or e-mail at info@aasawinc.com for a free consulting session and a price quote. Join in on the cutting edge and allow A & A Saw to be your source for sharpening your Carbide Tipped Saw Blades.

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